Burning fossil fuels creates long term changes:
For 200 years the mining and burning of fossil fuels has warmed our planet. How? Our earth has an atmosphere filled with greenhouse gases that keep it at a nice liveable temperature. But when fossil fuels like coal, oil and gas are burnt, they release pollutant, greenhouse gases that trap heat in and warm our planet.

Already we are seeing many undesirable consequences:
Fossil fuel companies are literally cooking the planet. Not only does this make things hotter, fuelling heatwaves, Reef bleaching and bushfires, it messes with weather systems and makes storms, cyclones and floods more frequent and intense.

The worlds poorest are hardest hit
Rising temperatures change our food systems, our cities, our water supply and ecosystems. But the effects aren’t felt equally. The first and worst hit are those who contribute least to climate change: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people; people from low income families; people that make up the majority of our world.
This is not only a climate issue but a social justice issue.

We have the solutions to fix this:
Humans caused climate change, so we can fix it. After all, there are just 100 companies responsible for causing 71% of global pollution. We have everything we need to reduce pollution fast, we just need the political will to get there.
Climate change is the greatest threat to young people and future generations, but it’s also our greatest opportunity. We can do away with the dirty, greedy and wasteful fuels of the past, and upgrade to clean renewable energy from the sun, wind and waves.

Let's do it!
We can create a kinder, more sustainable world, where people come before profit, and communities have the right to say what happens on their land.